Audio Work

AndroBarber_190426_PMB_056_PARKER MILES BLOHM.jpg

Constellations Audio - That Spiraling Place - I produced this piece as my first foray into sound art. It’s a weaving together of field recordings from my trip to Iceland, archival song and voice. It’s about the intersection of escape and bearing witness in relation to mental health. This piece was edited by Michelle Macklem. Listen here.


KNKX, Sound Effect - Rabbi turns 500-year-old love songs into rap - I produced this piece for KNKX’s show Sound Effect which features radio stories inspired by the Puget Sound region. For this piece I interviewed the members of Los Serenos Sefarad — singer and lyricist Rabbi Simon Benzaquen, rapper and producer Alex Hernandez, and producer Netzaj Mendoza. The story follows Rabbi Benzaquen on his mission to save the ancient Sephardic Jewish language Ladino from extinction by transforming 500-year-old Ladino love songs into rap. Listen here.


KUOW/Transom & KNKX - Kelli Wimbley Dinh: Everyone’s Barber - I produced, wrote and edited this piece in one week as a student in Transom’s Traveling Workshop. It’s a feature on Kelli Wimbley Dinh, the founder of Andro, a barbershop for queer folks, women and people of color in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood. Kelli created her barbershop as a safe space for her community, but it ended up being much more than that. This piece was featured on KUOW’s podcast Speakers Forum. It was then acquired by KNKX as part of their episode Neither Here Nor There. Listen here.


Pitchfork Economics - Is the American Dream a Lie? (S1, E7) - Pitchfork Economics is a podcast from venture capitalist Nick Hanauer about the economics behind who gets what and why. I worked with Larj Media’s production team to scout, interview and edit the texture piece for this episode as well as edit the episode in its entirety. Listen here.

Bi the Way - An audio project about the B in LGBTQ+. I produced, wrote and edited this first episode telling the stories of bi and pan folks to address bi-erasure and invisibility. Listen here.

Never meet your heroes - In 2013 I sat down with my grandpa and a recorder. In 2018, I unearthed the tape. Never meet your heroes is the story that emerged. It’s also the first audio piece I ever made. Listen here.

PR & Media Relations Work

As a Senior Account Executive at C+C I worked on a wide variety of social good campaigns. Here is a small sampling:


Ninety percent of the world’s fisheries are either fully-fished or overfished, making marine life preservation more important than ever. C+C was brought on to launch the Smart Catch program, helping diners make sustainable choices when dining out. The James Beard Foundation (JBF) adopted the program in 2017. JBF wanted to highlight chefs committed to ensuring more than 80-percent of the seafood on their menus is sustainably sourced. I provided on-going media support for JBF’s culinary labs and seafood summits. I also wrote blog posts for their sustainable seafood partnerships and Reel Talk series. Brand awareness was aided by a 4-night series of pop-up dinners in the scenic Olympic Sculpture Park featuring nine of Seattle’s most well-known chefs who created dishes utilizing sustainable seafood species. I coordinated media coverage, ticket signups and social media content during the brand's launch. Smart Catch case study

For the Reel Talk series, our team helped select the chefs, I drafted the questions, conducted the interviews and wrote the blog posts for JBF to share on their blog.


I ran the Department of Energy's Better Buildings Challenge’s day-to-day communications needs including social media, blog content and coordination of media relations. To increase participation in the program, which challenges building owners and businesses across all sectors to reduce their energy use by 20 percent over 10 years, C+C created the the SWAP; a video series inspired by reality shows like Trading Spaces. SWAP features two challenge partners trading energy management teams for a week to examine one another’s operations, identify ways to improve and stir up a bit of friendly competition along the way. For this campaign I ran media relations and placed stories with publications including seasonal coverage from Fast Company:


For Waste Management (WM) I oversaw media relations as well as social media campaigns and content. I leveraged unique WM programs like their multilingual recycling education outreach internship to illustrate their thought leadership. I also helped their education and outreach team write and place monthly columns in five local newspapers. Waste Management case study



The Daily

The Daily is one of the most awarded college newspapers in the United States. It is student-run and was published in print Monday-Friday during my tenure. Throughout my time at the paper I held multiple roles including editor for Arts & Leisure section and features reporter. Some of my favorite stories include:

Pun intended - A feature on Cassandra Spangler, the woman in charge of the beloved Wallingford Chevron letter board in Seattle.

A dream deferred - A feature on one student's journey to go to medical school as an undocumented student.

The Deaf identity - A feature on the experience of being a Deaf student at a large hearing public university (this story was included as part of the course syllabus for COM 289)

More features, reviews and rundowns here



Estately is an award-winning, free real estate resource where homebuyers can search by neighborhood, zip code, city or county. As an intern there I pitched, researched, wrote, edited and promoted (often tongue and cheek) blog posts.