Never Meet Your Heroes

A story about a boy, an island off the coast of Alaska and the man best known as Tarzan. 

Irving Goldstein in his home

Irving Goldstein in his home

About a year before Irving Goldstein's death, I had lunch with him and a tape recorder. "Never Meet Your Heroes" is one of the stories that emerged. 

Poppy to me, Irving to most, and Dovidle to his parents, my grandfather was an enigmatic man. He had more stories than hours in the day; all indelibly marked by his hacking smoker's cough. Poppy had a wild imagination, enough ego to fill any room and a deep love for those close to him, which was returned ten-fold. He was charismatic beyond belief and, though it was a rare person that understood him, he was fascinating to all.

Music by Niklas Paschburg. The track is 'Sand Whirling,' from the album Oceanic.

You can learn more about the Unangan (Aleut) who lost their homes on Attu during WWII in Nick Golodoff’s memoir Attu Boy, and read an excerpt here