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efm Vol. 2 Bodies

Vol. 2 of efm was release in May 2019.

For our second volume we asked for contributions about our community’s relationship to their bodies.

We asked about how they nourish their body, when they feel most at home in it, how it impacts their path through the world. Bodies was our call to arms and we were so honored by the responses we received. The pieces think about the body as political, the body as flesh, the body as personal. They ask: how do our bodies support us? How do our bodies hold trauma until we are ready to reckon with it? How do we carry ourselves through the day? When do we feel most ourselves? The answers to these questions are different for everyone, so we hoped efm could share a new perspective. Vol. 2 is available in print upon request at

efm Vol. 1 Tough Love

efm Vol. 1 Tough Love

efm is a celebration of all things effeminate. It's a zine created by Annie Lindsey and myself, for anyone who identifies with being effeminate. From the beginning, we imagined efm as a communal space and plan to put a call out for contributions following the first volume.

Vol. 1 is all about the radical act of self love, of not getting right on the first or second try. It's about letting lovers go and holding it down for accountability when walking away feels easiest.

Reach the efm-inates at